Worship Questionnaire

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1. Are you male or female?
2. How old are you?
3. How often do you usually attend worship in ANY church?
4. In which church do you USUALLY worship?
5. How do you prefer to read the liturgy during a service?
6. What do you prefer the minister to wear during worship?
7. What style of hymns do you prefer to sing?
8. What time would best suit you for a Sunday service to begin?
9. Which church are you assessing in this questionnaire?
10. Have you ever been to this church for a service before?
11. Was the church easy to find?
12. Were you able to park within easy walking distance?
14. Was the church building easily accessible?
16. Was it obvious where to go once you were inside?
18. Were you provided with service sheets, prayer books, hymnals (as necessary), or otherwise informed about what would happen during the service?
19. Did anyone in the congregation speak to you?
22. Were the toilets clearly signposted?
24. Did worship start on time?
25. What type of service was it?
26. Could you clearly hear everything that was being said from the front?
28. Did you enjoy singing the hymns?
31. Did the prayers of intercession reflect your concerns?
32. Were you unsure about what was happening at any time during worship?
34. Did you feel that you have actively praised God?
35. Did you think that the entire service was too long, too short, or just right?
37. Did you feel better, worse, or indifferent for having attended this service of worship?
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