We are happy to receive enquiries about weddings in St Peter’s from both members and non-members of our congregation.  If either the bride or groom is a regular member of another church, then their own minister or priest is welcome to be involved in certain parts of the ceremony.  In some circumstances, we may be able to accommodate weddings for couples from other Christian denominations who wish to use St Peter’s as a venue. We can also marry divorced couples, providing that special permission is granted by our Bishop.

St Peter’s Church is a beautiful and atmospheric building, with seats for 175 people, providing the perfect setting for an intimate and romantic wedding ceremony. It is located on a main arterial road which stretches from Belfast city centre out to Antrim, and it is close to a motorway junction that facilitates travel in all directions. It is in a good location for travel from the International Airport, the City Airport, and Belfast Harbour. The Church is also close to Belfast Castle and right beside the Lansdowne Hotel, both of which host wedding receptions.

There is a fee of £300 for a wedding ceremony in St Peter’s. However, if either the bride or groom or their parents are members of our congregation, and make a financial contribution to parish funds, then the cost of the wedding may be significantly reduced  according to their recorded Free Will Offering to parish funds during the twelve months prior to the wedding.  Please note that this is the cost of using St Peter’s as a venue; it does not include the fees for the Officiant, Organist, or a Choir.  

Separate from the fee for the use of the church, the fee for the Officiant is £100 and the fee for the Organist (if required) is £100.  The maximum cost of a wedding in St Peter’s (including fees for venue, officiant, and organist) is £500.

The Rector will be pleased to meet you to discuss the legal and practical issues of having your marriage ceremony in St Peter’s.  Contact him directly at or telephone 90777053 and he will arrange a time to meet you in the church.


If you and your spouse were married in a non-religious ceremony led by a civil registrar, you may have your marriage dedicated to God in a separate ceremony held in St Peter’s.  This service is officially called a “Dedication after a Civil Marriage”, but less formally we refer to it as a Blessing.

Some parts of the service are similar to a wedding ceremony, insofar as there are Bible readings, prayers, and a renewal of Vows. There may be hymns and also Holy Communion if you wish.  However, please note that this is not a repeat of the wedding ceremony. You and your spouse enter the church together, and although your wedding rings may be blessed, they are not given or received during the course of the service.

It is also important to note that this service cannot be used instead of a wedding ceremony. A Blessing is only available to a man and woman who are already married.

There is normally a small fee for both the Officiant and Organist (if required). Please contact the Rector for more information.


If you and your spouse would like to renew your wedding vows, either to celebrate a reconciliation following separation, or simply as a declaration of your renewed commitment to each other on a significant anniversary milestone, then please contact the Rector.

The service consists of a Bible readings, prayers, the blessing of rings, and a renewal of vows. There can also be hymns and Holy Communion if you wish.

There is normally a small fee for both the Officiant and Organist (if required). Please contact the Rector for more information.