Rural Deanery 24/7 2018 Prayer Lists

St Katharine’s, Belfast

St. Katharine’s, Belfast

1. We give thanks for 80 years as a parish – looking forward to our weekend of celebration at the end of November.

2. We give thanks for the faithful service and witness of parishioners during the 80 years.

3. We give thanks for our refurbished Clark Hall that will be a hub for the local community and beyond.

4. We remember our link diocese of Northern Argentina, Bishop Nick Drayson, the parish of Lote Uno and pastor Philippi.

5. As we have honoured God in the past we place our future in His hands ‘Those who honour me, I will honour” (2 Samuel 2 v 30).

6 We pray for the Christian witness in our parish, the daily witness of our parishioners.

7. We pray that St. Katharine’s will continue to be a welcoming place to worship where young and old are encouraged and supported in their faith.

8. We pray for our schools (Lowwood Primary and Seaview Primary), the teachers, pupils, ancillary staff and Board of Governors.

9. We pray for those who claim a small connection with St. Katharine’s, those who once lived in the area but have moved away and for those who have no church connection.

10. We pray for those who are known to us who are sick, awaiting test results, those in hospitals, the hospice and nursing homes.


St Paul’s, Belfast

1. For support of our weekly food-bank collection.

2. That people would be called to worship.

3. For our Sunday school teachers and children and especially our children & family worker Aisleigh.

4. For the persecuted Christians throughout the world.

5. For our partnership project with All Ministries Mission working with local Asylum seekers, refugees and migrants.

6. For our newly elected Select Vestry.

7. For our plans for renovations and building break through that funding bids would be successful.

8. Our new parents & Toddlers Group.

9. Our HOPE Free professional counselling Service.

10. That the Holy Spirit would fall afresh on all leaders and that we would be equipped to lead a revival in the local community.

St Peter’s, Belfast

Please pray that God would:

1. Open our eyes and hearts to the needs of the people living in the former St James’ area of our parish, in addition to those who live close to St Peter’s.

2. Inspire us to reach out and offer spiritual and practical support to young families.

3. Use us to make the elderly, sick, and housebound, feel included and valued within our parish family.

4. Make our hearts welcoming and receptive to all new people who venture through our church doors for worship.

5. Raise up willing and able members of our new Lay Pastoral Visiting Team.

6. Provide adult leaders for our youth organisations.

7. Inspire us with a vision for how to reach out to the men in our parish, that we may tailor ministries specifically for them, as we have already for the women.

8. Bless our efforts to form a Junior Choir, and that he would inspire children to involve themselves in our traditional worship.

9. Inspire non-churchgoers with a sense of curiosity and courage to go into St Peter’s to learn about him and to praise him.

10. Work through the Rector and all who are involved in leading our traditional worship, that our services would be relevant, meaningful, and engaging.

11. Bless the sale of the former St James’ church, that we would secure much necessary funds to maintain and grow St Peter’s.

12. Inspire our Select Vestry to use our resources wisely, saving money wherever we can, but not afraid to spend money for his glory and the advancement of the Kingdom.

13. Bless our efforts to find a solution to the heating problem in St Peter’s, that it would become a warm and comfortable place in which to worship him.

14. Would inspire generosity amongst our parishioners, that they would give gladly as much as they are able, to support the work of the parish into the future.

Mission to Seafarers, Belfast

1. Belfast port.

2. MTS ministry.

3. Ministry Review.

4. North Belfast issues.

5. Migrant & refugee outreach.

6. Christian/Muslim dialogue – local & global.

7. All Nations drop-in.

Church of the Holy Evangelists, Carnmoney Parish

1. Prayer of Adoration – that the work of the Church will glorify God’s name.

2. Prayer of Thanksgiving – for all we have in body, mind and spirit.

3. Prayer of Penitence – for forgiveness for all those things we haven’t done.

4. Pray for the person appointed to fill our vacancy.

5. Pray for Christian Leadership throughout our Church organisations.

6. Prayer for people to volunteer.

7.Pray for the sick and vulnerable in our Parish.

8. Pray for an increase in youth through youth ministry in the church.

9.Pray that the Church will reflect God’s presence on Church Road – increase in outreach.

10. ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer’ – pray for each other during the time of change.

11. Pray that participation in church services and prayer fellowship will increase

12. Pray that people will have hearts for Christ in thought, word and deed.

Church of the Ascension, Cloughfern Parish

1. Giving thanks for faithfulness of parishioners and leaders in the church organisations.

2. Issues surrounding impending vacancy (August 2018).

3. Need for increased finance.

4. Greater impact in local community.

5. Renewed strength and vision.

6. Growth in numbers and maturity of faith.

The Church of the Holy Name, Greenisland Parish

1. Pray for the church members to have a desire to pray.

2. Pray for a fresh experience of God’s Holy Spirit in the life of the church.

3. Give thanks for those who have gone before us and for the spiritual legacy they have left us today.

4. Pray for a greater freedom and courage to share our Christian faith in our everyday conversations.

5. Pray for a hunger to know God and His word more personally in our lives.

6. Pray for hearts to see our local community as the Lord sees it – to care passionately for the lost, broken and searching.

7. Pray for a greater experience of the Lord’s joy as people serve each other during the week in church ministries and in community outreach.

8. Pray for a deeper commitment to allow the Lord to control all our lives including our time and finance.

9. Pray for God’s guidance in how we build unity with the local churches.

10. Pray for God’s continued provision and fruitfulness in the ministry of Cecilia Valdiviso (Argentina), Gary and Mary Reid and Ronnie and Maggie Briggs (Kenya).

St Patrick’s, Jordanstown Parish

1. Pray for future appointment of an Intern to work in SPACE but also with youth and young families.

2. The ministry of SPACE as an outreach to the unchurched and young families

3. The Family Fun Day which takes place on Saturday 19th May

4. The ministry of visitation in the parish to those who have lost touch with the church.

5. For a growth in people’s response to God’s call to ministry.

6. For God’s Spirit to continue to bless our fellowship with his gifts of Love and Joy and Peace.

7. For greater openness and obedience to God’s word as He seeks to lead us forward .

8. For more awareness of our need to respond to the needs of our community which seems affluent but can be very isolated and insecure.

9. For our halls to be used by God to express his Love and Compassion to a hurting world.

10. For our church to be a sign and means of God’s blessing to all.

St. Brigid’s, Parish of Mallusk

1. For a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

2. For the clergy in the area to have fellowship together.

3. For our rector (Rev Bill Boyce) to be refreshed and blessed on his sabbatical and return with enthusiasm and vision for leading us forward in ministry.

4. To recognise and encourage people to use the many and varied talents God has given them to bless others.

5. Fresh ways to communicate with and bless the community.

6. To pray expecting God to answer.

7. Pray protection and blessing for the persecuted church.

8. Pray for blessing on Sundar Dhoka and their ministry to disabled people in Nepal.

9. Pray healing and blessing on those people with addictions.

Church of the Good Shepherd, Monkstown Parish

1. Giving thanks for the blessings that we have known, in the provision of our physical buildings, for people coming to and growing in their faith, the day to day life of our church family.

2. That we would be Christ centred and for forgiveness for the times we have become self -centred and inward looking.

3. That as we worship on a Sunday and in other groupings throughout the week, that we would have a sense of God’s presence and leading.

4. For Ruth and the members of the Church Council (Select Vestry) as they exercise their leadership within the church family.

5. That as a church family the bonds that we share together would be strengthened as we live as a covenant partnership church.

6. That we would be true to our values and our mission statement that at COGS we would be; A place of prayer and a people of Christian worship A place of welcome and a people of compassion A place of learning and a disciple-making people A place of united Christian witness and a people of active service.

7. That the community around the church would see and experience a place of welcome and inclusion and would be open to engaging with us.

8. That we would see more people coming to faith and all would grow in their discipleship.

9 For those who are sick at present and those who are unwell would know complete healing.

10. For our children and young people – that they would know love, acceptance and feel part of the church and receive the support and encouragement that they need.

11. For the leaders and helpers, we have at present and the new ones, which we need. All of whom are necessary not just for the activities, which we have at the moment but for those things that we feel God is laying on our hearts for the future.

12. For wisdom as we look to the future and a clear vision for our work.

Church of the Holy Spirit, Mossley Parish

Worship – we pray that God would bless our worship of him in our Parish.

Parish Organisations – we thank God for the wide variety of parish organisations and for their leaders. We praise God for the busyness of our parish centre.

Bereaved and Sick – we remember all parishioners who have been recently bereaved and those who are sick in hospital or at home.

Continued Growth – we give thanks to God for growth that has already been experienced and ask for his continued blessing.

Missional Outreach – we ask that God would lead and direct us as we seek to engage with our community in new ways.

Our Local Community – we pray for a move of God’s Spirit in our local community.

Overseas Mission – we thank God for the ongoing work in Tansen Hospital and for the South American Mission Society.

Special Events – we commit to God the visit of the Watoto Children’s Choir in May, the Fit for Life event in June, the Holiday Bible Club in August and the Christmas Tree festival in November.

Children and Youth Work – we seek God’s blessing on all the work that is done with children and young people in Mossley.

Stewardship – we pray for God’s guidance in using our financial resources wisely.

Togetherness – we praise God for the sense of community that exists within the Parish and ask that he would allow us to grow ever closer together.

Vision – we ask God to continue to lead, direct and guide us in the way that he would have us go.

St Comgall’s, Rathcoole Parish

1. Give thanks for the faithful witness of the congregation in the area for the past 61 years; and for all who still regularly attend and support the parish.

2. Give thanks for those who regularly give of their time and energy to help clean and take care of the church; and for all who volunteer and serve on the Select Vestry, or as organisational leaders.

3. Pray for the faithful preaching and teaching of the Gospel, and that more may become disciples of Jesus and inspired to witness to Christ and engage in loving service in their neighbourhoods and friendship circles.

4. Pray for ideas, manpower and other resources to facilitate meaningful community events and especially outreach to the children and young people in Rathcoole.

5. Pray for a parish visitation to be carried out in the not too distant future (to gather permissions in compliance with new Data Legislation) – but that it might also be used as an opportunity to assess the needs of the people and that many conversations would take place to encourage families and individuals to reconnect with the church and reconsider the Christian faith.

6. Pray for once faithful church attenders who are now (through advancing age or ill health) confined to either their own, or private nursing homes, but who still continue to pray for the parish, and support it as best they can.

7. Pray for the provision of an organist, and other musicians/singers to help lead worship; for someone to operate IT/Powerpoint and AV systems; and for more people to volunteer to lead prayers or read lessons.

8. Pray for more joint projects with the different churches and community groups in the area so that Rathcoole may be transformed by the love of God.

9. Pray for follow up of the recently baptised and their families, that more may be encouraged to live their promises and come regularly to church with their children.

10. Pray for creativity in the use of Facebook and social media as an outreach tool and as a way of engaging with the wider community.

11. Pray for fund raising, grant and general financial support for the provision of insulation in the building/roof (none was added when the church & halls were built and it is a complex and unusual job requiring multi-agency expertise for the best solution).

12. Pray for wisdom for our part-time Rector, Rev Arlene Moore, in the best use of her two days a week, as she seeks to hold the parish and prioritise needs.

St John’s, Whitehouse Parish

1. Our Church – unity in the parish, the Select Vestry & helpers for the various tasks needed to maintain the church.

2. Our need for an Organist & our choir members.

3. Ministry in the church – our Sunday School children, teachers and families.

4. Those who are ill and housebound.

5. Our Government – the absence of a devolved government & those who govern from Westminister.

6. World Leaders.

7. Community – The homeless & the hungary in our society
The work of Streetpasters.

8. Those who are in the grips of addiction – Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling and the virtual world of gaming.

9. To be kinder in thought, word and deed.

10. Greater courage to step out in faith.

11. Those on the outside edge of parish life.

12. The children hindered by adults to learn of God’s love and their heritage of Christian faith.