Parish Fellowship

This group meets at 7:30pm every Thursday evening (except for the third Thursday in the month, when the Historical Society meets instead).  This is a great opportunity for parishioners to get to know each other better, and to discuss matters relating to Christian beliefs and practices. The group meets in the Minor Hall, beginning with a short service led by a parishioner.  On Holy Days there is a traditional celebration of Holy Communion in the church first.  All parishioners are welcome!

Friday Bible Study

An informal Bible Study is held on the first and third Fridays of each month in the Clergy Vestry. This room is inside the church, to the left hand side when you enter. The name “Bible Study” suggests something very studious, but we keep it as informal as possible. We read through a book of the Bible, pausing regularly to ask questions, or to comment on what we’ve read. The purpose is to encourage everyone to explore and share their own thoughts. If you would like to come along to either of the groups, then please contact the Rector to let him know.

Pastoral Care

If you or a loved one are seriously ill at home, in hospital, or in a hospice, then please contact the Rector directly on 90 777 053. Even if you are physically healthy, you might still need spiritual guidance and support.  In such instances please contact the Rector to see how the Church can help you.

As an ordained priest, the Rector can:

  • anoint you with oil, and/or lay hands upon you (in cases of extreme illness),
  • bless your home (particularly if you have recently moved),
  • celebrate Holy Communion with you (if you are unable to come to church),
  • help you to discern how you can be more involved in the ministries and activities of the parish,
  • discuss in advance your wishes concerning your funeral arrangements,
  • hear your private confession and pronounce absolution,
  • help to arrange professional counselling if you think it would be helpful,
  • listen to you, confidentially, and without judgement or criticism,
  • offer advice from a theological perspective,
  • offer prayers for your personal spiritual protection and peace,
  • offers prayers of thanksgiving for the birth of a child,
  • pray for your spiritual, physical, mental, and/or emotional healing,
  • prepare you for baptism and/or confirmation (either your own or your child’s),
  • prepare you for marriage,
  • prepare you spiritually for death,
  • read (and sometimes discuss) an appropriate passage of Scripture,
  • say a blessing for you and your family,
  • try to address any theological concerns or questions that you might have.

The Rector will be pleased to help you and your family in whatever way will help you during difficult times. Please feel free to discuss your wishes with him, and to avail of the various ministries that you think would comfort you.

More generally, the Rector tries to visit all parishioners from time to time. Depending on circumstances, he might call with some people very frequently, whilst others might only see him on their doorstep rarely. However, if you would like spiritual counsel then please take the initiative and contact him; he will be only too pleased to be invited to call out to see you. If you would prefer to meet away from your home, then you can arrange to meet at either St Peter’s, or the Rectory, or another suitable location.