Coronavirus Pandemic 2020


15th October 2020

How do I contact the Rector?

You can contact Rector in the following ways:

  1. Telephone 02890 777 053
  2. Text Message 07928 067 020
  3. Facebook stpeterbelfast (sign up at
  4. Zoom (download the app from
  5. Skype (download the app from
  6. Facetime 07928067020 (you must be using an Apple iPhone)

Please ring the Rectory landline on 90777053 in the event of an emergency. Leave a message if needs be, and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

How can I volunteer to help during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

There are several ways to be involved in the ministries of the Church:

  1. The first way you can help is by offering to go to the shops (if you are fit and able to do so) to purchase essential items for anyone who is housebound.  Contact the Rector, or David Cromie (07547510698) or Sarah Coates (07734850060) to sign up.
  2. The second way you can help is by telephoning parishioners (as directed by the Rector) who would appreciate a chat during the loneliness or anxiety of quarantine.  Contact the Rector, or Rosemary Johnston (90840534) or Dora Hanna (95733374) if you’re interested.
  3. The third way you can help is by praying for those in need.  The names on the parish prayer list will be emailed to you each week, and you can pray for them whenever you are free to do so. Contact the Rector or Rosemary Johnston (90840534) to be involved.
  4. The fourth way you can help is by being involved in producing videos for facebook and youtube.  This might involve using your mobile phone to record a Thought For The Day, or simply to share a passage of Scripture or a prayer. Contact the Rector if this interests you.

Can I go into St Peter’s to worship?

There are currently three services in St Peter’s which are open to the public each week:

Sunday at 10am – All Age Service
Sunday at 11am – Choral Eucharist or Choral Matins
Wednesday at 10:30am – Holy Communion

You must wear a face covering inside St Peter’s, use hand sanitiser when entering, and sit where the Churchwardens direct you to do so. There is a limit to how many people can be safely seated in the church whilst maintaining social distancing.

How do I watch services from St Peter’s online?

Services are broadcast on Facebook Live on Wednesday mornings at 10:30am and Sunday mornings at 11am.  These services can be viewed live, or at any time thereafter on Facebook and Youtube.

FACEBOOK   (You might need to sign up to Facebook to access the videos)

YOUTUBE     (If one hundred people subscribe to our Youtube channel, then we will be given an easier web address to remember! If in doubt, you can simply search online for “St Peter & St James, Belfast”.)

How do I add a name to the monthly prayer list?

Contact the Rector, or Rosemary Johnston (90840534) or Dora Hanna (95733374). Prayers will be offered in private by those parishioners who have volunteered to do so. 

How do I arrange a pastoral visit?

Owing to the quarantine, the Rector and Lay Visitors are not permitted to visit you in person.  This unfortunately also includes hospital visits. For parishioners who are healthy and able to do so, the Rector can meet you in the foyer of the parochial halls, which will be cleaned and disinfected before your arrival, and where you can sit apart at a safe distance. Pastoral support may also be given over the phone, or through any online applications that you are comfortable with, such as Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or email.

How can I arrange for someone to pray with me?

If you need the comfort of Holy Scripture and prayer, then please contact the Rector by telephone or email.  You may alternatively contact Rosemary Johnston (90840534) or Dora Hanna (95733374).

How will funerals be conducted?

Current regulations state that an absolute maximum of fifteen people (excluding the clergy and undertakers) may be present, and those from different households must observe social distancing. Hymns may not be sung, although music is permitted, and the service in the church or funeral home should last no longer than twenty minutes.

If your loved one passed away during the Lockdown, when funerals were strictly curtailed, then please talk to the Rector about organising a memorial service at an appropriate date in the future, if you wish.

Can I arrange a wedding or baptism?

Weddings are permitted, with a maximum of twenty-five people in attendance. No specific regulations have been issued for baptisms, but in line with general regulations, they may be conducted as a private act of worship in church, with a maximum of fifteen people. Speak to the Rector for more information.

How do I arrange for someone to do my shopping if I am unable to go to the shops?

Many shops in the local area are taking telephone and online orders and delivering them.  If you are unable to use these services, then please contact David Cromie (07547510698) or Sarah Coates (07734850060). They will coordinate our volunteers who will gladly go to the shops for you to pick up essential food, toiletries, or medication. Please note that this service is dependent upon the availability of volunteers, but we will certainly try our best to help. This service is restricted to purchasing essential items only.

How do I make my regular Free Will Offering if I can’t go to St Peter’s?

If you have a standing order then you don’t need to take any further action.  However, if you use FWO envelopes then you have several options:

  1. you can arrange a standing order with your bank. Contact Noel Beattie (90778428) if you need help with this;
  2. you can set-up a recurring or one-off donation through PayPal online at
  3. you can wait until normal services resume at St Peter’s, and at that time either bring all of the filled envelopes that you have accumulated during quarantine, or donate a lump sum by cash or cheque.  Cheques should be made out to “Parish of St Peter & St James, Belfast”.

How do I contact the Parish Office?

The Parish Office is open for a few hours each week. The Parish Administrator, Anne Cromie, can be contacted at or 90776706. Please note that she it may take a few days for her to receive the message and respond. You may also direct general enqueries to the Rector or the Rector’s Churchwarden, Daphne McClements (90777246).

How do I know if someone contacting me from St Peter’s is genuine?

In addition to the Rector, you may be contacted by members of the Select Vestry to see how you are, or members of the Pastoral Team to offer prayerful support.  Under no circumstances will anyone from the parish physically call to your house unannounced, nor will they contact you asking for money.  If you are in any doubt, then contact the Rector immediately.

Can I still access the church or halls in order to carry out cleaning, repairs, etc?

If you have a legitimate reason to enter the church or halls, please contact the Rector beforehand to arrange a suitable time. This is because the Rector will be meeting parishioners in the halls, and it is vital that pastoral meetings not be disturbed.

What will happen if the Rector becomes sick or needs to self-isolate?

If the Rector develops the symptoms of Coronavirus and needs to self-isolate, then he will broadcast services from the Rectory if he is fit enough to do so.  Other arrangements will be put in place to cover services if he is not able to do this.

For pastoral emergencies, ring the Rectory telephone (90777053) and the answer machine message will explain who to contact for help if the Rector is unavailable.