Blessing a Civil Marriage

If you and your spouse married in a non-religious ceremony led by a civil registrar, you may have your marriage dedicated to God in a separate ceremony held in St Peter’s.  This service is officially called a “Dedication after a Civil Marriage”, but less formally we refer to it as a Blessing.

Some parts of the service are similar to a wedding ceremony, insofar as there are Bible readings, prayers, and a renewal of Vows. There may be hymns and also Holy Communion if you wish.  However, please note that this is not a repeat of the wedding ceremony. You and your spouse enter the church together, and although your wedding rings may be blessed, they are not given or received during the course of the service.

It is also important to note that this service cannot be used instead of a wedding ceremony. A Blessing is only available to a man and woman who are already married.

For a larger ceremony, to which guests will be invited, there is an Officiant’s Fee of £60, and an Organist’s Fee of £60 (if he is required). However, for a more intimate, private ceremony, there is normally no fee.